The rise of CCD in western Zhengzhou, SmartGen supports the central plains “Four Centers” project

The brand new “Central Cultural District (CCD)” in the west of Zhengzhou had been invested with 30 billion Yuan (RMB), is a provincial key project and a major people’ s livelihood project of the municipal party committee and municipal government, which benefits the people a lot. The project consists of four centers: the Olympic Sports Center, the Wenbo Arts Center, the Civic Center and the Modern Media Center.


SmartGen’ s products are not the first time applied in the CCD project. Last year, the Olympic Sports Center, one of the “Four Centers”, where our geneset control modules were used in the venue of the National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minority of People’ s Republic of China. This time, SmartGen’s two-line one-bus automatic switching control modules are once again applied in one of the “Four Centers”—the “Civic Center” power distribution project, providing great power switching support for the center.


Project Introduction

The power distribution project of the Civic Center is provided by two-way mains supply, four-way transformers, two sets of two-line one-bus system. Each mains circuit is divided into two transformers, which are combined two-line switch cabinets and a busbar connection cabinet into a two-line one-bus automatic switching system. The importance of the project is highlighted by the configuration of “two-way mains, four-way transformers, two sets of two-line one-bus”.


Project Application

1. The ACB breakers of the line cabinet and connection cabinet are MTZ2 of Schneider Electric, and the automatic switching control modules are HAT821 of SmartGen.
2. The field application is the mode in which both the two lines are used as the main use mode (S1 is used as the main mode and S2 is used as the main mode). When the two way power supplies are normal, the two incoming circuit breakers close the power supply respectively, and the bus connection is in the state of disconnection. In case of any abnormal, the other breaker and bus breaker close to supply power for the two loads.
3. The bus control module also has S1 main use mode and S2 main use mode for users to choose, and the automatic state can also choose two modes of state: auto change, auto recovery and auto change, manually recovery.
4. The bus system has three operating modes:
①The control module can realize automatically control and switch automatically according to the main use mode setting.
②Manual button control, 6 buttons directly control the circuit breaker’ closing and opening.
③Manual button control, switch button on each cabinet to achieve on-site operation.
5. Through the two groups of normally closed auxiliary contacts of each circuit breaker, the electrical linkage can be formed. No matter the control module operation or the on-site button operation, the three circuit breakers can only close two, realizing the reliable interlock between the three circuit breakers.


Western Zhengzhou CCD and Eastern Zhengzhou CBD echo each other at a distance, “flying wing to wing” and going mutual development. Fortunately, SmartGen is located in this more and more attractive city, let’ s strive for the constuction by our excellent products and light for myriad families of the city.


SmartGen 2020 Annual Party: Let’s Seize The Day And Live It To The Full

Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. “2019” has waved goodbye to us, and we have ushered in a brand new “love you love you” (2020).

Host Lineup


Annual Summary
At the beginning, Mr. Cui Wenfeng, the general manager, took the stage to give a speech. Looking back on 2019, it is a year of steady development for the company. Looking forward to 2020, it will be a crucial year for the company to set sail and create glory.


Award Presentation Ceremony
Employees are the foundation of an enterprise, and excellent employees are the magic weapon of achieving victory. In the past 2019, the company has emerged a group of outstanding employees with solid work and outstanding achievements. Among the outstanding employees, we also selected Craftsmen of SmartGen, Benchmarking Staff, Sales Champion and Outstanding Party member.
Li Zhaohui’s speech as an excellent employee representative pushed this link to a small peak.


Art Performance
The commendation of outstanding part came to an end in the impassioned and powerful speech of Li Zhaohui, and then the most anticipated link-the art performance.
The art performance began with dance ”Auspicious song” in joyful and national characteristics from the marketing center .
The song and dance performance “serving the motherland with selfless loyalty” from the R & D Center pushed the party to a small climax again. The story of character-tattooing of Yue Fei is popular among the people. The word of “serving the motherland with selfless loyalty” has been passed down from generation to generation.
The dance “Orchid lovel” from the electronics workshop pushed the party to another climax.
There are beauty from southern, with light green waist dance. There is nothing more beautiful than this.
In the end, “Everyone rowed the big boat” from the Control Panel Workshop showed the enterprise Spirit of “Continuous Improvement, Teamwork Creates Value”.


Celebrate The Feast
Finally, let’s have a drink with President Cui, enjoy a feast.

We are born in the heyday, we shouldn’t live up to it.
We are in the right time, and we should fight for it.
In the new year, let’s go hand in hand, seize the day and live it to the full, strive for the building of a century of SmartGen.
2020~May all the good things in the world be linked to you.
2020~Let’s enjoy “caress him”.


How much do you know about “Cloud ”in 2019?

Covering 15 countries and areas,
The annual logins are 209508,
The year-on-year growth rate of opening enterprises is 23% compared to last year,
Registered accounts increase 109%,
Remote operations are 78547 times.

Which cloud do you want in 2020? The sales managers and technicans from TESLAYUN and SmartGen gathered in zhengzhou today, having brain-storm and free talk together. In view of the real demands of customers from home and abroad and the weakness in the application, how to upgrade and optimize the products in future, we got a good answer after three-hour heated discussion.


2020 is coming, happiness is around us when we have “cloud” accompanied.
2020 is on the way, come on ~
2020 “cloud” is aproud of you and you are wealthy when you have “cloud”.


BAC06AU Series Battery Chargers Passed UL Certificate

At the beginning of 2020, BAC06AU-12V and BAC06AU-24V battery chargers have passed UL certificate, and both chargers have UL and CE certifications, meeting the requirements for product certification and safety specifications of market and users. The products will be put on the market from now on.


Please contact with each office of SmartGen business division for more details


Friendly notes

1. Please identify the trademark
2. Please identify the purchasing channel
3. Don’t trust “so-called SmartGen OEM products”

If you have any questions about the products purchased, please call 0086-371-67988888 or the person in charge of the office for confirmation to avoid being cheated for a long time!


Dual Power Switch Control Module Pro Version—-HAT600P Series


SmartGen has more than 20 years of experience in design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of dual power control modules. According to the market demand, we wil introduce you a new generation of dual power switching control modules -HAT600P series. This series of products adopt the fashionable industrial design, and with direct display, simple operation and various of functions, which can meet the requirements of the CC class, CB class, PC class of dual power switching control; the high-end version HAT600PS has AC or DC power supply, current sampling, synchronous switching functions, ETHERNET, USB and RS485 interfaces.

Key Features

1. LCD(132*64)pixel with backlight; multiple language display (CN/ EN and other languages)
2.LED lamp power supply status and switch on status display
3.Main and standby settings, Auto Transfer Auto Recover/Auto Transfer Non Recover
4.Collecting and displaying two-way three-phase voltage, frequency and phase sequence
5.Collecting and displaying load active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, current
6.With S1, S2 independent overcurrent warning or trip alarm function
7.With NEL(Non Essential Load) and NEL trip function
8.Load Voltage detection function
9.With S1/S2 accumulative active power, accumulative reactive power and accumulative closing times
10.The waveform distortion rate and 3-21 odd harmonic component percentage of S1 and S2 phase voltage and load current can be measured
11.Displaying the current continuous power supply time and S1/S2 cumulative power supply time
12.It can achieve automatic and manual synchronous switching, and display the two-way power supply voltage difference, frequency difference, phase difference
13.For energy storage switches, you can wait for the switch PF (switch on preperation) signal to be effective before switching on
14.With functions of over voltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, underfrequency, phase loss and inverse phase
15.With self-defined boot interface function
16.With the manual mode, it can be forced to switch on or switch off
17.Manual test can be set on site to control the genset start and stop
18.With the functions of switch reclosing and power off recovery
19.Switch on output can be set as pulse or continuous output
20.RTC display and event log function, 200 pieces of data can be cycled
21.Black box function, which can record 5 sets of events of ATS transfer, and 60 detailed data of 50s before one set occurs and 10s after the event
22.Timing start/timing not start functions
23.Two genset can be controlled to realize the balanced time operation of main and standby operation for cycle operation
24.With wide range of DC power supply, withstand up to 80V DC input instantly
25.AC input terminals are widely spaced and can withstand up to 625V voltage input
26.RS485 isolated communication interface, ModBus-RTU communication protocol
27.USB interface is convenient to parameter setting and software upgrade
28.ETHERNET interface is applied to ModBus TCP/IP protocol
29.Suitable for a variety of AC system types (three-phase four-wire, three-phase three-wire, single-phase two-wire, two-phase three-wire)

Performance Parameters


HAT600 Series—Products Classification and Comparison



I’m looking for you after eye contact


2020 is coming!
Are you looking for a control partner for a low-power engine?
Do you have expectations for your ideal partner?
“You’re right, Handsome young boy should not only tall, rich, good-looking, but also gentle and well-cultivated……”
Today I’ll recommend you a popular one who is under 20 years old.



Wow, “oh my god! Young, energetic, the one you don’t want to miss.”
I’ll remind you: “don’t be confused by handsome appearance, you’d better know more about the soul .”
Let’s come together and see more, Is the back view good?


Question from the guests, are you satisfied with their answers?

Graphic LCD display (backlight), LED indicators, push-button operation;
Wide power supply range DC (8-35)V, which can suits different environments of starter battery voltages;
Collect and display mains/gen 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, frequency, and power parameters;
Mains has overvoltage, undervoltage, over frequency, under frequency, and loss of phase functions;
Gen has overvoltage, undervoltage, over frequency, under frequency, over current, over power, and loss of phase functions;
Engine: temperature, liquid level, battery voltage, running time, speed, accumulative times of starting;
1 programmable input port;
4 relay output ports (2 programmable+fuel output+start output);
RS485 interface.
The key point, let me make spoiler, he can accompany you to go further (low power consumption).
Yes, not bad, go on a trip with the one you like!
“By the way, what’s his name?”
I’m too excited, they are MGC310, MGC320, the first choice of 20kW and below engine/genset control.