SmartGen | Bauma China Grand Opening

November 24, 2020, Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Bauma China 2020

In the early winter with the falling rain, the biennial grand exhibition Bauma China was held in Shanghai. Bauma China -China International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Expo is the stage for global machinery enterprises to compete.

SmartGen has participated in this expo for two consecutive times and launched all-round intelligent control products for construction machinery, including:

Engine CAN Monitoring Controller

Diesel Air Compressor Control Module

Diesel Lighting Tower Control Module

Diesel Fire Pump Control Module

Fracturing Truck Control Module

The products are mainly used in mining, road construction, mobile crushing, high-pressure cleaning, firefighting, petrochemical and other fields.

Part of SmartGen products on the exhibition site

SmartGen exhibition site

The exhibition lasts until the 27th. SmartGen is waiting for you at N5.818!

SmartGen Product | New Listing—Hybrid Energy Controller HES9510

Hybrid energy controller HES9510 is used for diesel gensets with solar energy, wind energy, energy storage battery in inverter as output energy systems, which can control the start and stop of inverter power supply, output mode, output size as well output closing/opening of breaker, etc. It can also control the start and stop of gensets in system according to the loads, provide spinning reserve for the inverter power supply. In addition, it can also control the converter for energy storage battery charging and discharging management.

Main Functions:
The maximum capacity of PV calculated by collecting up to 3-way solar panel temperature and 3-way solar irradiance;
Busbar normal automatic closing and starting with load, automatic soft loading and soft unloading;
Two active power control modes (fixed power, inverter control);
Three reactive power control modes (fixed power, power factor, inverter control);
Each energy can be set or calculated as rated active power, rated reactive power and rated apparent power. The rated active power of PV power station can be calculated in real time according to the sensor data and weather data, the rated power of gensets can be calculated in real time according to the information of online units, the rated power of energy storage power station and mains supply can be set for direct use;
The controller is able to control the priority of energy use (mains supply, gensets, PV power station (including wind power station), energy storage power station). Each energy can be prioritized separately, and the smaller the priority value, the higher the priority;
The input port can be set to make them unavailable for mains supply, PV power station, gensets and energy storage power station. When the energy is unavailable, the energy will no longer provide energy and spinning reserve;
Two RS485 communication ports enable remote control, remote measuring, remote communication, remote adjustment via MODBUS protocol;
The RS485 port has a variety of built-in protocols which enable communication with inverters such as HUAWEI.

Typical Application:

Examples of Application Scenarios:

When the mains supply is unavailable and PV power is insufficient, the energy storage power station is used; if energy storage power station is insufficient, then the power generation is used; if PV power is sufficient, the storage energy is charged. The minimum load of the unit should be ensured when using power generation.
Setting Mode:Island Mode
Setting Priority:PV>Storage Energy>Gen
Energy storage power station starts (VF) and PV is closed, PV power is controlled to ensure that there is no reverse power of the energy storage power station.
When the power of energy storage power station and spinning reserve are insufficient, the genset starts (VF) and the energy storage power station turns to PQ mode.
When the capacity of energy storage power station is insufficient, the genset starts (VF) and the energy storage power station stops to exit power supply sequence.
When the energy storage power station exits the power supply sequence, if PV power is sufficient and charging for energy storage power station until meet the capacity requirements of charging, then enters power supply sequence and the energy storage power station starts (PQ).
When the power of energy storage power station and spinning reserve are sufficient, the genset stops and the energy storage power station turns to VF mode.

Hardware interfaces and Wiring:

SmartGen | SmartGen Invites You to Visit 2020 Bauma China

The 10th Shanghai International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Expo-referred to as Bauma China, will be opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center! It is Asia’s leading platform for the exchange and display of construction machinery. As a biennial industry event, SmartGen will participate in it again this year. We invite you to visit the booth for exchange and guidance.

SmartGen Booth Number N5.818

SmartGen was established in 1998, specializing in design, research and development, manufacture, sale and service of engine, generator, ATS intelligent control system and related products, is a modern technology-based enterprise. With a global business footprint and over 30% of our employees dedicated to research and development, we are responsible for exploring new intelligent solutions to improve the overall performance of global industry equipment.

SmartGen Headquarters

The products exhibited from SmartGen include air compressor, fracturing truck control module, lighting tower, fire pump control module, engine control module, cloud monitoring communication module, engine heaters, battery charger/charging box and paralleled genset control module. Meanwhile, SmartGen will launch newly developed products, including hybrid energy control module HES9510, cooling fan control module HFC6100-LT and others.

SmartGen’s Exhibition Products (part)

SmartGen’s Booth Number in 2020 Bauma China: N5.818
Launch time: November 24-27
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center
We are looking forward to your coming. We will see you there!

SmartGen | Welcome Leaders of CCS Wuhan Branch to Visit Us

Recently, leaders of CCS Wuhan branch visited SmartGen for communication and guidance.

Mr. Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen and Mr. Zang Hesheng, equipment R&D engineer, etc. had a deep exchange and industry discussion with leaders of Wuhan branch. At the meeting, leaders of CCS Wuhan branch put forward guidance and suggestions on the industry trends and the development of SmartGen marine products. Our leaders also expressed their gratitude and respect for the help given by CCS to SmartGen in recent years!

On the same day, the leaders of CCS Wuhan branch also visited the production of SmartGen marine supporting products, electronic production workshop and product testing center, etc. They approved SmartGen’s production process and the control of details, and put forward valuable advice.

SmartGen Marine supporting products currently include marine engine control module, marine diesel control box, remote monitoring module, power management module and so on. At present, our products have passed CCS certification and BV certification.

SmartGen Marine Supporting Products (Part)

The growth and development of SmartGen is inseparable from the support and help of partners. Thanks the leaders of CCS Wuhan branch again for their painstaking visit to SmartGen for communication and guidance, and look forward to our better meeting next time!

SmartGen∣Multi-Master Power Management Controller HMC6 in “Jujie701”

On September 18, 2020, 700T semi-submersible crane ship built by Ningbo Boda Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was successfully launched at Hepu Boda Wharf. At present, it has been towed to Guangzhou to carry out the installation and commissioning of the 700-ton full-circle slewing crane in the next stage.

700T Semi-submersible Crane Ship “Jujie701”

In order to improve the reliability and automation level of this ship’s automatic power station management system in response to various complex lifting conditions, the main power distribution system of this ship is equipped with multi-master power management system built by SmartGen HMC6 power management controller to achieve the main genset on-demand automatic scheduling and real-time protection, and greatly improve the power supply reliability of crane under heavy load operation.

Main Switchboard of 700T Semi-submersible Crane Ship “Jujie701”

During the commissioning process of the power station, the on-site service personnel of SmartGen cooperated with the project management personnel of Boda shipyard, the main switchboard manufacturer and the genset manufacturer to work together to ensure that the power station passed the acceptance of CCS with high standards. This is another successful application of SmartGen ship engine control products in the high-end marine market.

Inspection and Acceptance Site of Automatic Power Station

“Jujie701” is 81 meters long, 141 meters long overall, 6 meters deep, maximum sinking depth of 24 meters, 10202 gross tons. This ship is equipped with a 700-ton full-circle slewing crane for the installation of offshore wind power equipment, which is widely used in the construction technology of marine projects. Besides the “Jujie701”, “Jujie702” of the same series has been launched in July 2020 and “Jujie703” (86m semi-submersible barge) is expected to be completed in November.

Introduction of the Core Functions of Multi Master Power Management Controller HMC6

Power Management Solution of HMC6 with HEP300 Electronic potentiometer

The system builds a real multi master station system through MSC communication network (CAN bus), and its power management function is realized by the calculation of all generator control units. In the system, a control unit is selected as the “instruction unit”, which is responsible for the calculation of the starting priority and other related power management functions of the genset. It can realize automatic synchronization and load distribution of up to 16 gensets. If one control unit fails, the power management calculation will be automatically transferred to the next available control unit.

SmartGen∣Tasty Turkey Kebab & SmartGen Parallel Controller

When you think of Turkey, the first thing that comes to your mind may be Turkey kebab. Anyway, for me who love eating good food, this is one of the few things I remember about it. But do you know that? In Turkey, besides the delicious kebab, the widely used SmartGen parallel control module, HGM9510, is also very popular there!

Istanbul, Turkey

Recently, the large shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey, has selected three 1250kVA CAT gensets, and the control system adopts SmartGen parallel control module, HGM9510. Its site operation is in good condition, which makes customer satisfied.

SmartGen HGM9510 genset parallel control module, fits with LCD display, optional Chinese, English and other languages interface, and it is reliable and easy to use. The main functions are as follows:

. Compatible with synchronous parallel control of different types of engines and generators;
. PLC and extended digital outputs and inputs can meet specific user requirements;
. Different parallel modes are available via front panel, USB, RS485 setting parameters;
. Built-in GOV, AVR output control;
. Load demand, balanced operation, mains abnormal start/stop mode;
. Active power, reactive power and power factor load distribution mode;
. Protection level IP65.

The current achievements are encouragement to us. Thanks for the support of our partners as always, SmartGen will continue to innovate and make progress to bring better products and services to customers!

SmartGen Parallel Series Products:

SmartGen | Multi-unit Parallel & Mains Grid-connection

This case is the renovation project of a domestic factory

  1. Renovation Reasons
    1) The eight gensets used other brands of parallel system, but they often failed to connect every time they needed to generate power in parallel. And after parallel connection, the load distribution is uneven, and the genset will stop due to overload.
    2) After each mains power failure, genset shall be started manually. The operator on duty in the high-voltage distribution room turns on the switch, and the mains switch in the low-voltage distribution room does not lose voltage and trip. The operator on duty also needs to open the mains switch first and then close the generator switch. The process is cumbersome and not timely and safe.
  2. Site Overview
    The original emergency power of this factory is divided into two phases, with a total of eight gensets. The first phase is 500kW4 gensets and the second phase is 800kW4 gensets. Low-voltage distribution room is divided into five phases, each of which is powered by two mains transformers for two loads, for a total of 10 loads. The layout of the generator room and distribution room is shown in Figure 1.

Fig.1 Layout of the Generator Room and Distribution Room

  1. Renovation Scheme
    The renovation project is divided into two stages:
    1) Parallel control of 8 gensets by HGM9510.
    2) Transfer 10-way emergency power cabinet and 10-way mains power cabinet into grid-connected control power by HGM9560.
    Considering the long distance from the generator room to the low-voltage distribution room, long-distance transmission of MSC communication will cause data loss or abnormal communication. Therefore, the SGCAN300 CANBUS relay module is selected to convert MSCCAN signals into optical fiber signals for long-distance transmission. Eight SGCAN300 modules are selected for this project.

Fig.2 SGCAN300 CANBUS Relay Module

Fig.3 Typical Application of MSC1 and Optical Fiber Conversion

Fig.4 Typical Application of Multi-unit Parallel and Multiple Mains Grid-connection

Fig.5 Installation and Connection Diagram of SGCAN300 in the Cabinet

  1. Result of the Renovation

Fig.6 Distribution Room 1

Fig.7 Distribution Room 2

Fig.8 Distribution Room 3、4

Fig.9 Distribution Room 5

Fig.10 Generator Room 1

Fig.11 Generator Room 2

SmartGen | Continuous Improvement, Teamwork Creates Value

The inevitable factor of success does not depend on me, but the process of success must have my participation.

My friends, you must muster strong confidence when you feel pessimistic and disappointed. You should believe that there is no wasted effort in the world. The inevitable factor of success does not depend on me, but all my effort will not be in vain.
-To The Students Who Graduate This Year By Hu Shi

“If we say that the inevitable factor of success does not depend on me” is a realm and a pursuit, then “the process of success must have my participation” is a duty and a responsibility.

More than three thousand years ago, Da Yu was so dedicated to dealing with flood that he refused to enter his room three times when passing by. More than two thousand years ago, Confucius led his disciples around the country to lobby the rulers to implement the policy of love for the people. More than a thousand years ago, Zhang Qian went the western region to promote communication between the Han Dynasty and the Huns. Although they live in different times, they all embody a common spirit. Nowadays, this spirit isn’t abandoned by people with changes of the times, but is deeply branded in the hearts of each of SmartGeners.

As an individual, the production director personally led us to install and debug equipment during the weekend to ensure normal production on Monday; The leader of the preliminary test line accidentally hurt his leg on the way to work, but considering that the task of the preliminary test line was tight recently and short-handed, he resolutely came to work; There was also a temporary decision for the controller’s post-process to work late for delivery… Their families and children need their care and accompany, but they know clearly that as a producer, delivery date is important! They will not easily confide their difficulties and efforts to their leaders. They all clearly understand that they are employees of SmartGen, workers from the first production line. Delivery date is their mission, and the mission must be reached! They’re always there when the users need them.

Among them, some have worked in the company for over ten years, some may not be highly educated, and some may not even understand what lean manufacturing is and what lean thinking is. But when the leadership gives a clear instruction, they will support and implement it without hesitation. Some employees didn’t use computers, some employees didn’t know what MES system was, and some employees didn’t know how to operate ERP software. But each of them was so eager for new knowledge, new equipment, new culture that it was like going back to school. Although they have different foundation, everyone is working hard. They don’t want to waste time that they can strive for, so they take the initiative to get certificates, learn all kinds of office and automation software, learn ISO9001… They are always on the way of learning, and never stop their step!

As the core department of product manufacturing, the electronic workshop is responsible for the important link of product realization and delivery. In daily work, the electronic workshop closely cooperates with other departments, which fully embodies the enterprise spirit of SmartGen: “continuous improvement, teamwork creates value.” When the controller shipment volume increased, the bottleneck process employees took the initiative to temporarily increase the night shift to not delay the delivery date. Considering the safety of two female employees, the department leader advised male colleagues to work on the night shift. The two female employees insisted on working on the night shift since they worried that the unskilled skills of the other staff will affect product quality. Female employees are excellent as their male colleagues. When electronic control workshop learned this, they gave their hands. As the electronic control workshop faced explosive order situation, the electronic workshop was the first to give their hands, and other departments also offered help. As the saying goes: “Throw in peach, quoted in pear.”

Under the influence of our enterprise culture, the employees of electronic workshop are positive and initiative, hard-working, and never give up. You saw their figures in various activities: 5S competition, improvement project competition, beer festival, annual party, sport meeting, etc. They all signed up bravely, participated actively, and achieved outstanding results.

To explore a more scientific and efficient working way, they discussed seriously, sometimes even fiercely, about the working methods with other colleagues from technology and quality department. But didn’t worry how intense they talked, because they were still good friends when the problem was solved.

“They are like a ball of fire if they united together, they will be like a starry sky if they separated with one another.” They are the symbol of youth and vitality. They never thought that the company’s development was because of someone from them. But when mentioning SmartGen, they will proudly say, “we are from SmartGen!”

SmartGen | SCANIA & SmartGen Marine Engine Exchange Meeting

The clear and refreshing weather always motivates people to make progress. In this harvest season, leaders and engineers from SCANIA dealers in Shanghai and Chongqing have come all the way to SmartGen to jointly open another marine engine exchange meeting in 2020!

Accompanied by company’s leaders, the leaders and experts of SCANIA dealers completely visited and learned SmartGen, from company’s development to the research and development process of products, from the company management concept to the R & D center, from the industry-leading dust-free and anti-static electronic production workshop, control cabinet processing workshop to product test center.

At the meeting, SmartGen introduced the relevant products, solutions and application cases of SCANIA engine, as well as the introduction and interpretation of SmartGen marine supporting products and discussed and summarized the projects under cooperation and completed by both sides at present.

In addition, engineers from SCANIA dealers demonstrated and explained the current marine power solutions, technical parameters, applicable ship types and customer groups of SCANIA engines, so that everyone had a deeper understanding of the application fields and advantages of the products of both sides.

We have gained a lot from this exchange meeting and would like to thank leaders and engineers from SCANIA dealer for their valuable advice and guidance! Looking forward to our meeting again and a brighter tomorrow!

SmartGen | Guangxi Yuchai-SmartGen Exchange Meeting

Just after two festivals, SmartGen held the first marine engine technology exchange meeting in 2020. Leaders and experts from Guangxi Yuchai marine electric department came to SmartGen for two-day in-depth exchanges.

Firstly, Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, warmly welcomed the arrival of all the leaders and experts from Guangxi Yuchai! It is hoped that two sides will strengthen technical exchanges, give more valuable advice and suggestions to SmartGen; and continue to innovate and contribute to the continuous improvement of the intelligent level in marine electric field.

Accompanied by General Manager Cui Wenfeng, Yuchai leaders visited SmartGen’s R&D center, dust-free anti-static electronic production workshop, control cabinet processing workshop and product testing center (environmental laboratory, EMC laboratory, real machine laboratory).

SmartGen introduced the relevant products and solutions in the field of marine application at present and communicated the supporting scheme for Yuchai engine; also made a detailed and in-depth exchange on the current situation of marine market, technical requirements of engine monitor and other aspects.

Thanks to the leaders and experts of Guangxi Yuchai marine electric department for returning to their hometown – Henan!

Thank you for your guidance and valuable opinions from all the leaders and experts of Guangxi Yuchai marine electric department!