WoodWard+SmartGen:Achieve What You Want


Woodward and SmartGen have jointly developed the easygen series products. In early July of this year, the first batch mass-production control modules went aboard from SmartGen production base, Zhengzhou, China.

In the middle of July, we got another good news. After launching in foreign market, the series also make a good start in domestic market. Large quantities of domestic orders have been signed and products are delivered in succession.

What benefits can the strategic cooperation between WOODWARD and SmartGen bring to you?

Brand influence
Woodward has near 150 years’ history and has a high brand influence in the field of generator control and parallel connection.
Have another brand to choose and enhance your core competitiveness.
In developed countries, it has a high reputation and recognition, and your market will be developed easily.
It has highlight and core advantages in major projects or a bid.
Strong technical strength
Over 140 years’ experience in engine control design and manufacturing. Products are widely used in aviation, industrial engines, turbines and generation control.
Joint development brings qualitative leap.

Perfect solutions
It can provide perfect solutions for generator control, engine speed regulation, gas engine and gas control.

Woodward + SmartGen, easygen+HGM main products, what are the advantages of the arrangement?

Same installation dimensio
Standardization reduces inventory and management costs
Same dimension optimizes supply chain efficiency

Same wiring mode (technology, after-sale are optimized and integrated)
Two brand control modules share one technical drawing
After-sale can handle any situations

Same supply channel (optimize supplier management)
Centralized purchasing optimizes resource ratio
Reduce the cost of preparing goods and realize delivering in time

Service improvemen
WOODWARD and SmartGen global after-sale service assurance
The service response is faster and the service efficiency is higher
WOODWARD existing technology support +SmartGen sales and service team
Improve service timeliness and reduce your service cost

“Two brands of domestic and foreign, different levels products, all of this is aim to service customers better.” This is the original intention of these products developed by Woodward and SmartGen.
In the future, the two sides will cooperate more deeply to expand and improve the product series.Achieve what you want and what you need!


The Introduction of PLC Elements from SmartGen

SmartGen control module PCL function provides users with abundant programming elements. This time, we will introduce the function of each functional element through the following contents.

Condition elements


Action elements


Setting and others


Genset Parallels with Genset+Genset Parallels in Grid

A gas station in Shanxi province needs two gas generating units to be paralleled first and then parallel in grid. Usually the mains supply for a certain load, the generator set is reserved, in the peak period of electricity consumption, considering the cost of electricity, a generator set automatically start and close, the other is reserved, gens parallels with mains, gens supply for the surplus load. If the residual load exceeds the rated power of a single unit, the other will automatically start and close, then parallels with genset and parallels in grid. So the two units will share load to achieve the peak clipping mode.

When the load is reduced to available load of the single unit, the auto load of the standby genset will be transferred to the main genset and the standby unit will open and stop. When the load can be supplied by mains after reducing, the main genset will be transferred to mains by the automatic load, then open and stop. The load is supplied by mains.


In this project, the efficient use of energy is a bright spot. The radiating water tanks of two gensets use a 12 cubic large water tank. Through the running of gensets, the hot water of cylinder will be circulated and heat the gas pump of the gas station.

In this project, we need to use two HGM9510 parallel cabinet and one HGM9560 parallel in grid cabinet. After simply setting, the auto load peak clipping mode can be realized. It can reduce the electricity cost for customers.

Set Sail: Woodward New Products


The mould rains ends and summer wind is hot.
There are many cicadas in high willows.


Time flows away as running water. Time goes by quietly and it is July. The first batch of new Woodward control modules will set sail to the world from here, across the mountainsand sea!

Since SmartGen and Woodward had jointly released a series of new products on April 11th, more than 60 days had already passed. In these days, the two sides didn’t stop the paceof progress, but they rolled up their sleeves and worked with added energy. In marketing, Woodward sales staffs prepare for action and make the layout of global market; as thesole agent of China, the team of SmartGen led by the chairman Yang and the Woodward representatives visited all over the country’s main customers, personally introducing newproducts in high temperature hot summer; German and China engineers continuously optimize the product according to the customer feedback from the first batch of prototype,tirelessly check every detail to provide customers with high quality products and perfect experience.

Sitting down under the moon, the night is short but the summer is long, we know that all our efforts will have results finally.
It’s time.


Look, the new EASYGEN control modules have await eagerly the command, shining with the wisdom of Chinese and German. They will set sail from SmartGen, from Zhengzhou, from Chinato the world. It is not only our long-cherished wish but also our duty to equip every piece of equipment of the world with a more intelligent brain!

We are ready to set sail and finally the day is coming. This is just a new beginning, we will leave our expectations in the long march. Woodward series products will continue tobe updated, hoisting the sails to travel in the vast sea!

Rare Phenomenon: The First Generation Works with the Newest

16 years ago, in the summer of 2002, two sets SmartGen first generation genset auto start control modules (mains sampling) GAM-IVe started to serve the communications department and formed the power system of “two gens and one mains”.



Since then, our control modules have been work for 5800 days and never stopped.
After 16 years, one of them has faults and has been changed to the latest model HGM6120NC.


The phenomenon of “the first generation works with the newest” has rarely appeared. We all believe that whey will surely cooperate with each other and fight side by side!


Where did our control modules serve? At the seaside, they have just served the “SCO”.
Who made you 16 years ago? Who dressed you up? Those who sent you will wait for you to come home, clean the dust during a journey for you and write your name in the history of SmartGen.


Big Control Module, Great Wisdom

Few years ago, we saw the easYgen3000XT control module for the first time from a customer. We were shocked by the big size. Why should the genset paralleling control module be so large? Does it sell more expensive? Finally, the customer told us: big size is for the powerful functions! Now we have the opportunity to get close to easYgen3000XT series and understand that “big control modules have great wisdom”.



So what are the smart functions of them?


Product Features
Paralleling applications for up to 32 generators;
Complete mains,generator and engine protection;
Multiple operation modes: peak shaving, stand-by, AMF, emergency operation or import/export operation;
easYgen3100XT/3200XT can realize 2 breakers open/close control of mains and gens;
easYgen3400XT/3500XT can connect with up to 16 LS-5 circuit breaker controls to realize control of complex distribution systems having tie breakers;
LogicsManager and AnalogsManager functions can meet the complex control requirements of customers;
3 freely configurable PID;
Multi-lingual capability, up to 14 languages.

Important Functions
he voltage and current adopt RMS measured value and the accuracy is 0.5%;
4 modes: AUTO, MANUAL,TEST and STOP;
Synchronization:±slipping, phase matching;
Fast start synchronization enables multiple generators to synchronous load(easYgen3400XT/3500XT);
Transformer synchronization and adjust azimuth;
The home page can be configured;
2 editable interfaces are used to monitor custom data;
6 editable alarm levels and 16 freely configurable alarms;
Up to 19 analog inputs (3 on equipment, support 16 external extensions);
Analog input supports resistance, voltage and current sensor;
Up to 6 analog outputs (2 on equipment, support 4 external extensions).

Communication interface



easYgen3500XT + LS-5 Application
easYgen3500XT + LS-5 have many flexible application solutions for complex systems. They are the first choice for data center and complex system applications.

easYgen3000XT Series Model



RP-3000XT Remote Monitoring Panel

Color touch display panel;
Screen size 7 “;
Resolution 800 x 400;
RP-3000XT are compatible with all easYgen-3000XT;
easYgen software will continue to upgrade in the future, but the remote monitoring panel will remain unchanged;
RP-3000XT only supports easYgen-3000XT control modules (not support easYgen-3000 control modules);
Automatically detect all easygnXT control modules which connect to Ethernet;
No need for any easygenXT relevant configuration files.


SmartGen is the exclusive authorized distributor of WOODWARD company easYgen600/1600 and easYgen800/1800 single control module in China. We are also one of China’s regional agents of paralleling series products such as easYgen2000, easYgen3000XT, LS-5, SPM and PG+ gas control systems.

Like we said, “Maybe you’re looking for a suitable module and we have it!” If you need these big control modules or WOODWARD other products, please contact with the marketing department of SmartGen.

Warm congratulation on the convening of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association internal-combustion power equipment chapter in Shanghai!

On June 25-27, 2018, the conference of internal-combustion power equipment was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, QingPu District, Shanghai. In this hot summer, the industry friends from all over the country gather together to discuss the future development trend of the industry. To achieve the strategic goal of “Made in China 2025” manufacturing power, the conferees gave suggestions and offered advice. It fully embodies the basic principles and long-term development goals of the market-oriented and government-guided, based on the present and having a long-term perspective, comprehensively pressing forward and making breakthroughs in key areas, independent development and open cooperation!


In the morning, the secretary general, Ren Xiaojun made a 2017 internal-combustion power equipment industry report to the representatives. The report summarizes the achievements and current problems of the industry in 2017. It also puts forward a new strategic disposition for the development of the industry in 2018.


The cloud service is released in the meeting and we are going to build the most professional cloud platform in China!


The power equipment summit forum was held in the afternoon to highlight standards construction and popularization&application of new technologies. These new technologies inject new vitality into the development of the industry and fully reflect the development goals of green development, strategic cooperation and win-win development!

Wish this industry meeting a complete success!