SmartGen | Latest Engineering Machinery Control Products Application

Case 1

A pump controller APC615 installed on a POTOK mobile pump unit was on display at an exhibition in Russia 2022.

APC615 controller is used for controlling engine pump unit to realize unit auto start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remotes” (remote control, remote measurement and remote communication) functions. Utilizing the GOV (Engine Speed Governor) control function, the controller is able to stabilize the outlet/inlet pressure via regulating engine speed. Besides that, CANBUS (SAE J1939) interface enables the controller to communicate with various engines which fitted with/not with J1939 interface.

Case 2

Engine controller HEM4100 is applied to the crusher, and the customer tests normally. The unit is protected in good condition and has good field crushing effect. This controller has simple structure to make it convenient for customer to maintain.

HEM4100 is used for controlling engine to realize engine auto start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remotes” (remote control, remote measurement and remote communication) functions. It fits with speed regulation function, not only with relay adjust speed output but also with GOV interface, which can control various non-J1939 engine speed. It adopts large liquid crystal display (LCD) and selectable Chinese and English interface with easy and reliable operation. Users can read engine working parameters from the LCD directly.

Case 3

ACC4100A controller performs well with CUMMINS QSB3.9 engine in the field. Its function is reliable and recognized by customers. The field commissioning, parameter matching and control stability has passed acceptance smoothly.

Case 4

As the commander of the lighting tower unit, ALC708 controller plays roles in the operation site of a mine abroad. Several mobile lighting tower vehicles equipped with ALC708 controller provide lighting for the mine.

ALC708 functions and characteristics

•Can control up to 8 beacons on and off in sequence;
•Perfectly realize unit scheduled start/stop, sunrise and sunset start/stop, SMS remote start/stop and start/stop via remote input port;
•Suitable for AC/DC lighting tower set;
•SMS start/stop;
•Low power consumption mode;
•Optional cloud monitoring function.

SmartGen | Multifunctional Transmitter HMT300 Launched

Multifunctional transmitter HMT300 has 3-phase voltage/current measuring, custom I/O, analog output and RS485 port, which can realize precise measuring and protection for voltage, current and frequency, collect and upload function for active power, reactive power and accumulated energy. It can be widely used for various generation, distribution and electric equipment.

Mainfunctions and characteristics

● With under/over voltage, under/over frequency, reverse power, over power and overcurrent protection functions
● Current detection alarm makes it possible to do 3 times over current detection and corresponding alarms
● With voltage harmonic test function, each phase voltage harmonic distortion rate and 3-31 times harmonic can be tested
● With current harmonic test function, each phase current harmonic distortion rate and 3-31 times harmonic can be tested
● Suit for 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P2W, 2P3W power with 50Hz/60Hz system
● With -20mA~+20mA/-10V~+10V analog output function
● Power supply range: (8~35)VDC
● With RS485 communication port
● With high voltage, frequency, current, power and energy measuring accuracy
● With custom MODBUS communication protocol
● With custom combination output function
● With NEL trip function
● Withwarning,tripalarmfunction

Technical Parameter

Typical Application

Overall Dimension and Cutout

SmartGen | Domestic Genset Controller HGM4100Z Launched

HGM4100Z genset controller adopt domestic components, which can be used for harsh environment like (-40~+70)°C temperature, high humidity, high altitude, strong electromagnetic interference.

Main functions and characteristics
● Purely domestic components with Chinese mark
● Wide working temperature range: (-40~+70)°C
● With USB、RS485、CANBUS port, suitable for various ECU engine and can realize remote monitoring via RS485 (isolated type)
● 6-way relay output (crank, fuel and 4-way custom output)
● 5-way digital input (3+2 multiplex input port)
● 4-way analog input (3+2 multiplex input port)
● 3-way generation current sampling input (built-in CT)
● With charger D+ voltage, engine speed (MPU) sampling input
● Front panel protection class can reach IP65
● With event log, maintenance, battle mode, instrument mode
● Remote monitoring module (HGM4100Z-RM) and local control module (HGM4100Z) can communicate via RS485 and realize local/remote monitoring function

Typical Application

Overall Dimension and Cutout

United and start a new history with smart brains

Today is a memorable day for SmartGen Technology.

On the morning of November 16, SmartGen(Zhengzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: SmartGen) successfully listed on the GEM(Growth Enterprise Market) of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock abbreviation: SmartGen Technology, stock code: 301361. Mr.Wei Xiaowei, Mr. Zhang Zhi, Mr. Zhang Yunding, Mr. Tian Haitao, Mr. Li Qiaomiao, Mr. Guo Ruishan, Mr. Yang Yinghui, Mr. Zhang Hongjun, Mr. Guo Chengming, Mr. Zhang Yulin from Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd., Mr. Cui Wenfeng (vice Chairman of SmartGen Technology), customer representatives, partner representatives, company executives and representatives of intermediaries attended the listing ceremony.

At 9:25, Leaders of Provincial, municipal and district governments, Mr. Zhang Yulin, and Mr. Cui Wenfeng rang the listing bell together, and SmartGen Technology’s initial public offering and listing on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange was officially listed.

Mr. Cui Wenfeng, Vice Chairman of SmartGen Technology, said: “SmartGen Technology successfully landed on the domestic capital market, which is an important milestone in the development of the SmartGen’s history and a brand new starting point! From this moment on, we will accept the new review and test from the capital market, we will firmly seize this opportunity, with the power of the capital market, to enhance the continuous development of products and innovation and upgrading ability, to achieve rapid growth in performance. We will also strive to improve the company’s management level, achieve a win-win situation for customers, employees, society and shareholders, and create more miracles and brilliance!”

e regret that we could not invite all our customers, suppliers, partners and employees to witness the event together due to the Covid-19. But with the help of Cloud Live, we also shared this important and exciting historical moment together. At the same time, we also received many congratulatory videos from our partners at home and abroad. This is the glory of all of us.

Since the launch of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM listing in November 2020, SmartGen has received great assistance from the provincial, municipal and district governments, customers, suppliers, intermediaries, banks, media, employees, and relatives, etc. All people from all walks of life who care about the development of SmartGen. Thanks to your help and encouragement, SmartGen is successfully listed today and has since stepped up to a new level. Please let us use the most sincere two words to express all our feelings at this moment: “THANK YOU!”

The successful registration on GEM marks the new development stage of SmartGen Technology, and is a new starting point for building a Century of SmartGen. The company will seize the market opportunities brought by the favorable policies of the industry, continuously improve the added value of product technology and services, and gradually build itself into a leading domestic and internationally renowned provider of total system solutions in the field of automatic control of internal combustion gensets and automatic control of low-voltage power distribution, so as to make greater contributions to the improvement of the technical level and international influence of the internal combustion engine industry.

It is the right time to set sail in the good wind, and we will continue to work hard. In the future, besides continuing to cultivate the original market of gensets, low-voltage power distribution and derivative business, SmartGen will also actively explore new business markets in new energy, micro-grid, energy storage and other control fields to further expand the company’s development space and improve its future profitability, gradually build itself into a top brand enterprise at home and abroad with leading technology and industry, continuously improve its core competitiveness, enhance the value of enterprises and employees, and reward investors, customers and employees with quality performance. With high quality performance to reward investors, customers, employees and society!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Let us continue to work together, and believe that tomorrow will be even better!

SmartGen | Genset Parallel + Redundant Control + Remote Monitoring

Recently, in a domestic waterwork, two 1500kW Weichai 10kV high voltage gensets were connected in parallel on site, using four SmartGen HGM9530N genset parallel controllers to do parallel control (two master controllers + two redundant controllers) and one HMU15N remote monitoring controller to do remote management control.

HGM9530N genset parallel controller, in addition to the usual automatic speed/voltage adjusting, load distribution and generation protection functions of parallel controllers, also has controller redundancy and MSC redundancy functions. The controller’s comprehensive fault protection and flexible start/stop scheduling can cope with more complex applications.

HMU15N remote monitoring controller is used for remote monitoring of single or multiple gensets. It can realize remote start/stop, auto/manual mode switching, closing and opening operations as well as data monitoring and alarm display functions. The controller adopts a 15-inch capacitive touch screen with 1024*768 resolution, which enables multi-level operation authority, simple operation and reliable operation.

The system perfectly solves the parallel redundancy control and remote monitoring of the high voltage unit of the waterworks, which greatly enhances the customer’s experience and wins the customer’s praise!

SmartGen丨Saluting the persistence in the warm autumn sunshuine

Inside the window, the slanting autumn sunshine is warm and has the unique fragrance of autumn.
Outside the window, the asphalt road that used to be busy is unusually empty, and an unexpected epidemic has slowed down the busy pace of the city.
At the moment of the epidemic, SmartGen actively responded to the epidemic prevention policy, arranged employees to work at home, and did its best to ensure the safety and health of every employee.
But in the face of users’ urgent needs, there are such a group of SmartGeners, who temporarily leave the warm and comfortable home, not afraid of difficulties, charge ahead, eat and rest in the company, stick to the front-line positions to ensure product delivery, interpreting the responsibilities of SmartGeners!
In the factory area, every figure is busy in a tense and orderly way. These lovely people, they forget the day and night, and the threads and screws in their hands are carefully installed in the corresponding positions.
Ten o’clock at night, one o’clock in the morning, maybe later… Yes, they are racing against time,they are doing their best, just so that the product can be delivered to the user as soon as possible!

Thank you for the responsibility and dedication of SmartGeners! You move forward with a heavy load and built a line of defense for on-time delivery!
Thank you for the trust and understanding of user! You continue to choose the SmartGen, and the SmartGen will live up to your trust !
Thank you for the support and response of supplier! You overcome all difficulties and provide great support for the stable production and quantity of SmartGen!
Thank you for every partner who supports and trusts SmartGen, and thank you for your efforts to move forward!

Saluting the persistence in the warm autumn sunshuine!
When the epidemic is victorious, let us join hands to breathe freely on the road with rich osmanthus fragrance and feel the gentleness of the autumn breeze.
The epidemic will eventually dissipate, our city will be full of vigor and vitality, and our home will still be happy and healthy!

SmartGen | SmartGen New BMS Module HBMU200 Launched

HBMU200 (BMS Slave Control Module) is applied to the energy storage BMS system to realize the collection of single battery voltage and battery temperature, and upload information to HBCU100 (BMS master control module) through the CAN bus. It is a subsystem of the whole intelligent micro-grid control system.

Performance and Characteristics

  1. With status indicator;
    2.The mature AFE chip in the industry is used to realize the voltage detection of single battery, which supports the voltage detection of 5-16 strings of single batteries;
    3.With single battery disconnection detection;
    4.Supports up to 18 channels of temperature detection, and the temperature sensor type is NTC 10K;
    5.One relay output is provided for controlling fans and other equipment;
    6.One non-isolated CAN interface is provided for communication with the master control module HBCU100. The module firmware program can also be upgraded via the CAN interface;
    7.The 120Ω terminal matching resistance on the CAN bus is connected through the dial switch;
    8.Select the CAN ID number of the module through the dial switch, and the setting range is 1-63;
    9.With passive balance function, max passive balance current is 100mA;
    10.With the harness protection function, when the HBMU200 is used externally, the enclosure is equipped with a harness protection cover which can be selected to avoid damage to the harness;
    11.Modular design, screw installation, flame-retardant ABS/PC shell, compact structure with easy installation.

BMS Master Control Module HBCU100

1.Can collect total battery voltage and current (Hall current sensor), calculate the SOC and SOH data;
2.Can collect positive and negative battery insulation resistance to ground;
3.Receive the voltage and temperature of the single cell of HBMU200 module via the non-isolated CAN interface and calculate the data of max. and min. voltage/temperature, etc.;
4.Tertiary fault alarm protection can protect the over/under voltage, high/low temperature, charge/discharge overcurrent, low insulation resistance value, abnormal communication, etc., current drop or high voltage power-off actions can be set;
5.With 3 isolated RS485 communication interfaces, 1 ETHERNET interface, and bluetooth function;
6.With 7 Aux. relay output ports.

HMU8-BMS Display Module

1.Adopt 8-inch LCD with 800*600 resolution, capacitive touch screen and optional Chinese/English operation;
2.Display battery total voltage, current, SOC and other data;
3.With event log, alarm information display function;
4.Commissioning of single HBMU200 and upgrading of the whole energy storage system can be realized via CAN interface;
5.Modular design and pluggable terminal.

BMS Three-level Architecture Application Diagram

Energy Storage High-voltage Control Box

The energy storage high-voltage control box collects the cell voltage and temperature data of all battery modules through the internal CAN interface to protect the battery modules. Due to the function of communication with PCS, and together with the built-in dual switch (circuit breaker + main circuit relay), it can realize the charge and discharge management of the whole battery system, which is safe and reliable.

HBMU200 Installation Dimension

SmartGen | Battery Charger BAC05NJ Will Launch

Function and Characteristics

1.It is suitable for intelligent charging of 12V and 24V batteries. The models are BAC05NJ-12V and BAC05NJ-24V respectively, and the rated charging current is 5A;
2.BAC05NJ uses all purely domestic components;
3.Low working temperature up to -40°C;
4.High electromagnetic compatibility and compliance with EMC emission and immunity specifications;
5.Automatic charging with a choice of two-stage or three-stage charging methods;
6.With short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, absorption timing, and BOOST functions;
7.LED status display: power indicator, and charging indicator;
8.Middle screw mounting for space saving installation.

Two-stage/three-stage Charging Wiring Diagram

Overall and Cutout Dimensions

 SmartGen | Latest Multi-set Parallel and Grid-connection Application

Case 1: 2 HGM9510 for high voltage parallel
A unit with a 10.5kV power supply requires a standby genset to supply the load after mains power failure, but the load capacity is too large for a single set to reach, so two high voltage sets are needed in parallel. The HGM9510 can realize high voltage parallel, simply turn on the voltage transformer function of the controller and set the voltage transformer ratio, then HGM9510 controller will display genset actual voltage according to the voltage transformer ratio.

Case 2: 16 HGM9510 for combustion engines parallel
The HGM9510 is used in a project where 16 combustion engines are paralleled by a Huachai DEUTZ gas engine with a Maidi generator, achieving perfect paralleling on site. HGM9510 realizes speed regulation through analog, engine monitoring through CAN, and fast power sharing through MSC communication.

Case 3: HGM9520N grid-connection and uninterrupted power supply
HGM9520N mains parallel controller, in conjunction with the national grid using load receiving mode and mains power, to supply uninterrupted power to a factory. Working logic: Before power outage the unit is started and connected to mains, the power generation is soft loaded, all mains power is transferred to the unit, mains power is switched off and shut down, the unit runs with load alone. After the mains power is restored to normal, the unit is anti-synchronous to the mains, mains power is switched on and all the power generated is transferred to the mains, the unit is switched off and shut down, and the mains power is loaded separately.

Case 4: HGM9560+HGM9510 gas grid-connection
A textile factory in Shaoxing uses a 500kW gas unit and mains power grid-connected for the normal operation of three assembly lines due to the overload of the factory. The mains management mode is used. Mains takes 40kW load and the rest of the load is all taken care of by the gas unit. The distance between the on-site workshop and the machine room is relatively far, so SGCAN300 optical fiber module is used for communication. One SGCAN300 module is equipped on the side of the HGM9510 control box in the machine room, and the distribution room is equipped with the other SGCAN300 module, which perfectly solves the long-distance communication problem.