SmartGen | SmartGen Exhibition-Meet in GPOWER2020

Where there is opportunity, there is struggle. This year’s GPOWER exhibition has opened grandly. As one of the representative exhibitions of the power industry, GPOWER exhibition is known as China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition. It brings together many domestic and foreign industry exhibitors to participate in the exhibition every year, which is also an important exhibition that SmartGen attends every year! As an exhibitor of this exhibition, SmartGen sincerely invites you to join the industry event and share new development opportunities!

SmartGen GPOWER Exhibition Booth-Hall E7, 7-033

SmartGen was established in 1998, specializing in design, development, manufacture, sale and service of engine, generator, ATS intelligent control system and related products, is a modern technology-based enterprise. With a global business footprint and over 30% of our employees dedicated to research and development, we are responsible for exploring new intelligent solutions to improve the overall performance of global industry equipment.

The products exhibited from SmartGen include genset control module, ATS control module/ATS switch, engineering machinery control module, marine PMS and engine control module, cloud monitoring module, charger, heater and WOODWARD series products! At the same time, SmartGen will also launch a series of new products, including redundant parallel controller HGM9530N, luxury configuration version of single unit control module HGM9420N, a new generation of 4kW engine body heater HWP40N/HT40N, diesel-driven air compressor control module ACC7100A, SGCAN300 communication relay module, and new charger BAC06N. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition.

SmartGen’s Exhibited Products Categories

In addition, the most authoritative UL safety testing institute in the United States will issue UL certification certificate for star products of SmartGen in this exhibition. So far, the product series of SmartGen that has passed UL certification has been further expanded and enriched, such as HGM6100 series, HGM4000N series and HGM9530N series genset control modules, and BAC06AU series chargers, etc., all of which have passed America UL certification and Canada CUL certification.and more products will successively pass the stringent certification of UL Testing Institute!

It can be said that the exhibition and certification is a double surprise brought by SmartGen. We look forward to your participation in the exhibition and witness this significant moment at the booth together! GPOWER2020 (Shanghai) will be held from September 21 to 23. The address is Shanghai New International Expo Center.

SmartGen Booth No.: Hall E7, 7-033. Issuance ceremony of UL certificate will be held at 11:00-11:30 on the 21st. There are mysterious prizes provided by UL waiting for you! We are looking forward to your coming. We will see you there!

SmartGen | SmartGen Pump Control Module with Cummins

Recently, SmartGen APC715 with Dongfeng Cummins P (pump) type ECU QSZ13-P550, and the pump perfectly realized speed regulation and stabilized water pressure. The overall effect is good, and the unit operation is stable and reliable, which has been praised by customers again!

APC715 pump control module is used to control the engine pump unit to realize automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection, and “Four Remote” functions (remote control, remote measure, remote communication, remote debugging). The control module has a speed adjustment function to stabilize the pump outlet/inlet pressure by adjusting the engine speed. In addition to the conventional Engine Speed Governor (GOV) interface, the control module also has CANBUS (SAE J1939) interface, which can control various ECU or non-ECU engine pumps.

APC715 pump control module adopts large screen liquid crystal (LCD) graphic display, which can display Chinese, English and other languages. The working parameters of the engine and pump can be directly displayed on the screen. It is reliable and easy to use. The pump unit control module is designed to adjust the outlet pressure by adjusting the engine speed, and finally stabilize it to the set rated value.

“Adjust Speed Control” is divided into auto control and manual control. Auto Adjust Speed: Under this mode, during the unit is normal running, the control module will adjust the speed regulating objects (outlet pressure/inlet pressure) set by the user according to the preset to rated speed and maintain its steady automatically.

The “Auto Adjust Speed” can be divided into relay adjust speed, GOV adjust speed and CAN adjust speed.

  • Relay Adjust Speed: Control the engine servo motor simply by using speed raise relay and speed drop relay.
  • GOV Adjust Speed: Control the electronic speed regulator simply by using GOV analog signal. Users should set parameters according to the actual situation as different regulators have different parameters.
  • CAN Adjust Speed: Control the ECU engine speed simply by using CAN interface. Parameters setting and adjustment method are same as GOV. SW1 should set as 5.0 and SW2 as 2.0 while adjusting.

SmartGen’s pump unit control module has verified its strong strength and reliable performance in the actual use time after time. Of course, we will also bring you more, better and finer product experience and service through our continuous efforts to reward you for your continued support. Please wait and see!

Redundant Parallel Control Modules Applied to Data Center Projects

Recently, SmartGen Redundant Parallel Control Module—HGM9530N equipped with Weichai Baudouin engine, has completed debugging successfully. The successful launch of the system will provide new solutions for various data centers and core projects at home and abroad.

Engine: Weichai Baudouin 16M33

Redundant Parallel Control Module: HGM9530N

15-inch color touch screen centralized monitoring

On-site debugging in high temperature environment

System Single Line Diagram

System completes synchronous load within 15s in static parallel model.

Redundant Control System Diagram

The system has dual CAN bus communication redundancy, and can seamlessly switch to the slave module after the failure of the master module; the generator set can meet the power supply demand with excellent performance under the condition of suddenly increasing unexpected 100% load.

Centralized Monitoring System

HGM9530N redundant parallel Control Module, with its rich hardware interfaces, high-precision sampling, powerful PID algorithm; efficient dialogue and quick response between master-slave modules, can fully meet the functional requirements of the Control Module in data center projects. We believe that HGM9530N will have more chances to meet you in the following data center and major projects construction.

Intelligent Manufacturing in SmartGen丨Making trace easier

“Innovation and initiative, lean and perfection.” SmartGen is one of the most influential equipment manufacturers and solution providers in the global generator set industry. We insist on innovation since established, continuously improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, create value for partners.

Bar code binding for assembly process solutions of SmartGen:

The bar code of the PCB and the shell are generated in MES and ERP respectively during controllers production process. The naming rules and contents of the two bar codes are different. Binding and connecting two bar codes before products assembly can achieve overall process tracing of controllers. And this manual binding will reduce the efficiency of the current process.

Changing manual binding to automatic binding.

If you have the same confusion or needs, please leave your message

The world is full of imagination. Wish you and me fly with the notes

A New Look

——Eight Gensets were remodeled to realize parallel connection of different powers by HGM9510

There are four 500kW Cummins gensets and four 800kW Cummins units, as well as two generator rooms. One room is for the four 500kW gensets and the other one is for the four 800kW genesets. The original two gensets were connected in parallel respectively, the previous system had poor parallel effect while the parallel failure and uneven load distribution often occurred.

The two are integrated into one by parallel remodeling of HGM9510. The MSC communication distance between the 8 units is 50 meters, the MSC communications of the first unit and the final unit need a 120 Ω matching resistor in parallel respectively, which make users realize 8 units connect in parallel easily through “3 keys” (manual key, starting key, closing key). The simple operation and reliable performance receive consistent affirmation by users. They will no longer have to worry about parallel failures and uneven load distribution.


Multi Units Parallel Application Diagram


We believe a better future with the rapid development of technology and the spread of AI intelligence. Come on, SmartGen, Come on, China.


The third employees symposium of SmartGen

Gapless Communication, Endless Improvement

The night in August, the breeze came slowly, carrying the fragrance of the fruit, singing the most intoxicating time.
The SmartGen in August, youthful and energetic smiling faces sketch the most beautiful scenery in the distinctive yard.


More than 30 employees from various departments talked their minds freely, from customers needs to design and research, from lean improvement to standardization, from corporate culture to process management, from clothes, food, housing and moving to employee activities.


We have collected more than 100 suggestions in this symposium.The relevant leader gave their answer, and will also provide feedback or solutions within the deadline for improvement suggestions that cannot be answered immediately.

Innovation and initiative, lean and perfection; Cumulative improvement, moving towards excellence!
Surge on, after waves!


SmartGen punched in the cippe2020 exhibition for the first time

China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe for short) is a regular meeting of the international petroleum and petrochemical industry. Since 2001, cippe has successfully held 20 sessions. Major domestic and foreign exhibitors include Exxon Mobil, Caterpillar, National Oilwell, Cummins, Baker Hughes GE, MTU, Atlas Copco, AKSA, Sinopec, CNOOC, China State Shipbuilding, Jereh, CIMC Raffles and other well-known enterprises in the industry.



SmartGen participated in cippe for the first time this year. In addition to the familiar lighting tower control module, diesel-driven water pump control module, diesel-driven air compressor control module, and engine CAN monitoring module, SmartGen also grandly launched a fracturing truck control system in this session. This system is mainly composed of main module HEM750 and remote monitoring control module HMU8-750.


Fracturing Truck Control Box

1HEM750 adopts two ways of fixing: inside guide-rail mounting and screw mounting;
It has ETHERNET, USB, dual RS485 interface, CAN bus, dual speed sensor collection, GOV speed control output;
10 analog input ports supporting voltage, current and resistance signal sampling;
12 relay output ports;
9 digital input ports.


HEM750 Front Panel

HMU8-750 adopts 8-inch color touch screen display, communicates with HEM750 via RS485. It has master-slave USB interface, ETHERNET interface, 4 RS485 interfaces, CAN bus, and DC 10-36V power supply.


HMU8-750 Front Panel


The vehicle-mounted shallow layer drilling rig using the SmartGen control box at the exhibition site.


Exhibition Site

The exhibition is in progress (26-28). We are looking forward to your arrival at E3037, Hall E3, Shanghai New International Expo Center!


Romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day with Gifts

The sky in August is bright and clear;
The mood in August is enthusiastic and expected;
The arrival of Chinese Valentine’s Day adds romance to August.
In this sweet day, love is not a sense of ritual, but it needs a sense of ritual!


Romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day with gifts~
She walks towards employees with rose tea.

《The Little Prince》says: It’s the existence of the sense of ritual that make one day different from other days, one hour from other hours.


Adding some sense of ritual in your life will make people look less “casual”.
It may be:
Cooking for your mate on the anniversary;
Watching a movie on the Valentine’s Day;
Sending a bunch of flowers at the festival.
Where are the good memories of absent-minded life?
If you have love, please have a good day;
If you have no love, please love yourself careful.
Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!
Meeting the right person, everyday is the Chinese Valentine’s Day!


SmartGen in South Africa——to add magic colour for the fabulous place

Surfing, bungee jumping, skiing, and endless beaches, Eastern Cape of South Africa combines a variety of fascinating scenery that is feverish and expectant. In this wonderful place, the exclusive agent of SmartGen in South Africa drove a limited edition “SUV” to come here on weekend. They inadvertently finished the parallel debugging of 3 400Kva gensets while enjoyed the breathtaking view. It is HGM9510 that added magic colour for the fabulous place.


Limited Edition “SUV” of South Arica


Single Wire Digram of Multi-unit Parallel


Parallel Controllers of SmartGen

Customer’s trust comes from the guarantee of product quality!
Customer “stickiness” comes from the considerate service!
Thanks for the trust of customers, thanks for the professionalism and focus of our agent in South Africa!
Hand in hand with you to achieve a win-win future!



Application of Multi Master Station Power Management Controller HMC in “Yueshanchengyu 16118”

“Yueshanchengyu 16118”


“Yueshanchengyu 16118” is the first newly built ocean fishing ship powered by LNG fuel designed by CSS605, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited. This ship is mainly used for trawling in the South China Sea. It is 53.5m long, 8.5m wide and a single trawler with twin propeller slipway. The ship is specially equipped with a set of LNG cold energy utilization system, which can meet the cooling capacity requirement of the fish tank at -18℃, realizing the purpose of green energy saving.


In order to improve the automation of the power station management system, a tailor-made main switchboard for the ship is equipped with the power management system of SmartGen. Without the intervention of external programmable devices, the designer uses 3 HMC6 power management controllers to set up a multi master station power management system, which realizes the on-demand scheduling and real-time automatic protection of different types of gensets and greatly improve the crew’s working environment and work efficiency.

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes are set for each genset, allowing different units to work in different modes, and the starting sequence can be adjusted at will. The semi-automatic mode can realize remote manual starting and stopping, one-key synchronous closing and automatic load distribution, one-key unlocking and opening. The mode can coexist with the automatic mode of other units. In the automatic mode, three main gensets can be synchronized automatically according to their priority. In parallel running, they can be automatically modulated and loaded to achieve balanced distribution of active power. The online genset is increased in heavy load while reduced in light load. In case of on-line genset failure, the standby genset will start and take part in automatically, and the failed genset will quit automatically. The system also has the function of heavy load inquiry. When the main genset running in parallel is overloaded, the system can automatically unload the non-important load.


HEP300 Electronic Potentiometer for Frequency Modulation of LNG Fuel Power Units

It is emphasized that the LNG fuel power unit is equipped with HEP300 electronic potentiometer of SmartGen, making switch quantity control signal issued by the power management system transfer to the voltage signal of settable center point voltage and adjustable change range, creating favorable conditions for the realization of the diesel gensets and LNG fuel power unit automatic parallel, modulation of frequency and load.


HMC6 Main Operation Interface

Introduction of the Core Functions of Multi Master Power Management Controller HMC6


Power Management Solution of HMC6 with HMC9000 Diesel Engine Control Box


The system builds a real multi master station system through MSC communication network (CAN bus), and its power management function is realized by the calculation of all generator control units. In the system, a control unit is selected as the “instruction unit”, which is responsible for the calculation of the starting priority and other related power management functions of the genset. It can realize automatic synchronization and load distribution of up to 16 gensets. If one control unit fails, the power management calculation will be automatically transferred to the next available control unit.

Major Function