SmartGen | “SmartGen” Involved in Malawi Base Station Project

Recently, Malawi base station project, located in the southeastern Africa, has applied multi-genset with SmartGen control module HGM4020T, and cloud monitoring module CMM366A-4G, can realize unit intelligent control via SmartGen cloud platform. Thus, all data is under control without going out.

On-site Pictures

HGM4020T genset controller is especially designed for communication base station and its functions are completely followed by the actual situation of the base station.

Main features
1. Machine room temperature detection, auto start in high temperature, control room air conditioner start-up;
2. Battery pack voltage monitoring, genset will start automatically to charge the battery pack if the voltage is low;
3. Dual power ATS transfer of mains/load, mains/air conditioner;
4. Mains has rules can be configured, 6 start conditions combination;
5. With mains, gen sampling display and protection functions;
6. With current sampling display and protection function;
7. With USB, RS485 communication port;
8. 6-way relay outputs, 5 digital inputs (max. 7-way can be defined), 2-way analog inputs (max. 4-way can be defined);
9. Event log, real-time clock, scheduled start/stop;
10. Access monitoring function.

1. Small size, suitable for the unit demand of telecom base station;
2. Multifunctional, multiple built-in rules can be defined;
3. With RS485, USB port;
4. Define dual ATS transfer according to the unit power;
5. Integrated genset auto control and ATS control.

Cloud monitoring module in the case: CMM366A-4G

SmartGen cloud platform

Moreover, the all-in-one machine developed and produced by SmartGen has been released.

The all-in-one controller has a built-in network communication module, which enables the genset to access to the Internet. After the controller is registered to the cloud platform, the data information of the genset (including GPS location, altitude, etc.) will be uploaded to the corresponding cloud server in real time, and users can monitor the genset and query the operation status and event log in real time through phone APP (IOS or Android system), computer and other terminal devices. At the same time, the controller parameters can be configured via the cloud server and the network communication module also has SMS function.

SmartGen All-in-one Controller—HGM7220N/S

SmartGen, making control easier!

Smartgen | CIBS2021 & SmartGen Products Passed BV Certification

In the sunny March, SmartGen all series of marine products have passed the type certification of BV. SmartGen marine engine controller and its supporting distributed IO module, MGCP100B series diesel engine control box, automatic power station power management system and power protection module have both BV and CCS certification so far.

On April 1, 2021, the 25th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show opened in hall H1 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. SmartGen has participated in this exhibition for many years, welcome to 1P13 booth for communication.

Exhibition Site:

Following the design concept of “Making Control Easier”, the performance and reliability of SmartGen marine products have been fully verified after more than ten years of real ship application. The products not only can be flexibly adjusted and combined according to the control requirements of different ship types, but also have an increasing market share in the field of diesel engine control and automatic power station power management for mid-to-high end ships year by year.

Application cases of Yacht and Passenger Ship:

MGCP100B-2 control box with Cummins QSM11 host for yacht project

HMC9800RM simultaneously monitors two hosts to achieve remote control of driving console

Automatic power station management system consisting of MGCP100B-2 diesel engine control box +HMC6 power management controller for water bus

HMC6 power management controller for main switchboard of 45m cruise “Hanjiang Shenyun”

Power management system built by HMC6 power management controller for motorboat

SmartGen | Striving to Move Forward with Full Energy

——2020-2021 Development Review of Electronic Control Workshop

Fast forward to 2021, when writing this article, it is the time for electronic control workshop to work orderly and make capacity improvement at full steam. Looking at the focused eyes of the staffs while working and the continuous products output on the newly added production line, I involuntarily think back to the previous time.

Once upon a time, the electronic control workshop in the production center was troubled by the few orders, poor efficiency, and production quality was controlled by manual inspection. The development of the whole department seems to have encountered a bottleneck, which is incompatible with the situation of the company’s frequent success reports. The director scratched his head and staffs were demoralized. What should we do to solve the difficulty?

At the beginning of 2020, department leaders and workshop staffs gathered together to list the current situation of the workshop one by one, making everyone deeply aware that “Unless change, otherwise a dead end!” Change started with the director. The director changed the concept, adjusted the leaders and clarified the rules and direction of production management in the workshop. What ignited was the passion of all leaders and staffs, what broke through was the barrier of inertial thinking. Soon, the efficiency was improved, the orders from big customers came in droves, the staff turnover rate was also dropped dramatically, and the workshop soul was created.

Be prepared for crisis is necessary for us. A moment of success is important, but if you want to be excellent all the time, you have to constantly summarize and improve, and firmly grasp the pulse of the workshop progress. Therefore, the main purpose of this article is to review past year and summarize the good experience.

Firstly, cultivate a strong team with people as the core. The company leaders often hire external elites and internal backbones for management knowledge, management methods and other trainings. In various trainings, the electronic control workshop gradually and systematically understands the core of workshop management and gradually practice it, which has also achieved good results.

The workshop constantly makes efforts to cultivate management backbone, technical backbone, and technical experts, to activate the working atmosphere of the staff, to enhance the enthusiasm of the staff, and to conduct technical competitions and production skills assessment regularly. We hold various recreational activities such as table tennis, badminton competitions, chess game, performance during break time.

Then, hold high the banner of “continuous improvement”, and continue to transform and optimize the production line with a focus on efficiency:

The daily delivery capacity of HT22M series small heaters can reach 50 sets at most. After many initial tests of one stream production mode, simulated operation, and the joint efforts of equipment and process department, electronic control workshop, and R&D center, the small heater has added an automatic belt production line. After several operations, line balance adjustment and other optimization and transformation, the daily delivery capacity has reached 150 sets. At the same time, the dry air tightness test transformation is being carried out on the line, and the daily delivery capacity of 200 sets will soon be realized! The operation action decomposition of each process, standardized operation methods, high-precision air tightness test equipment, strict insulation and voltage withstand test standard for testing, ensure the production of high-quality small heaters.

The orders of marine machine production line are mostly tailored for customers, “private customization” with high-quality lean production. But in order to improve the delivery capacity, equipment and process department and workshop also make a series of improvements. Specially designed L-shaped production line for marine machine, SOP, tools and materials are placed nearby. The production cycle of marine machine products is greatly shortened by designing the wiring line length in advance, processing wire early and working in different processes.

In order to meet the increasing order demand of customers, GCPB series backpack cabinet production line has been improved in one stream production mode operation for many times, one stream production mode operation of general assembly line; one stream production mode operation of bottom board wiring plus general assembly line; one stream production mode operation of controller wiring of heater control box, bottom board wiring plus general assembly production. The backpack cabinet production line not only has a daily delivery capacity of 100 sets, but can flexibly switch to produce more than 10 batch products of various types, such as heater control cabinet. Because the action decomposition and standardized operation, the operation difficulty is reduced and the product quality is effectively guaranteed.

HWP series large heater production line is being tested and simulated to run one stream production mode and can provide data and scheme feasibility for the transformation of automatic production line. Currently the control box is produced separately and the daily delivery capacity of large heaters has reached 50 sets.

Every production line transformation, all station improvements, pieces of SOP writing, each careful communication, groups of wire installation, steel pipe construction one by one, cooperation and operation over and over again, every bit of advice, clap and praise every time……

A workshop with the spirit of unity, technical leadership and continuous improvement is in full swing.

Looking back is to make great strides forward.

Let’s work together, let’s inspire each other, and strive forward with full energy. The history of electronic control workshop will leave the footprints of our youth!

SmartGen | Control Cabinet Assists Offshore Wind Power Operation

SmartGen marine control cabinet is applied to Changshu Gang—offshore wind power operation platform “Hengtong Yihang” work ship recently. Its perfect operation shows powerful strength again!

“Hengtong Yihang” offshore wind power operation platform, is a wind power foundation pile work ship. This ship is equipped with 3 Mitsubish S16R2-T2MPTK gensets, rated at 1750kW, with SmartGen MGCP100B-2 marine diesel control box, and HMC9000A controller as master control module.

Application Site

HMC9000A Diesel Engine Control Module

This platform also adopts 3 HRM3300 remote control modules for remote start/stop control of genset and data display.

Application Site

HRM3300 Remote Control Module

This platform also fits with 2 Cummins QSNT gensets with rated power of 250kW, which are used as harbor gensets to meet the power consumption of the operation platform in the downtime. It is also equipped with 2 SmartGen MGCP100B-2 marine control boxes.

Application Site

SmartGen marine control box and supporting products can suit for various application schemes of different manufacturers and units,worthy of your trust!

SmartGen Supporting Products of Marine and Ocean Engineering Series (Part)

SmartGen News丨Secretary Hu Quan And His Party Visit SmartGen For Research And Guidance

On the afternoon of March 18, Hu Quan, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Zhengzhou and Secretary of the CPC Zhengzhou Committee; Wang Xinting, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, visited SmartGen for research and guidance. Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, received them.

Secretary Hu Quan and his party mainly visited the product manufacturing center and test center of SmartGen, had a deep understanding of company’s manufacturing mode that combines informatization with automation, as well as various test and verification equipment such as EMC, environment, and genset. They affirmed the company’s efforts and actions in lean, innovation and quality assurance system, and highly appreciated the company’s achievements in the field of internal combustion power generation.

Secretary Hu Quan and his party pointed out that as the hidden champion of domestic industry, SmartGen should continue to advance along the overall direction of “lean and intelligent at the same time”, and build the core competition of the enterprise with “lean management and intelligent manufacturing”.

Cui Wenfeng, general manager of the company, introduced company’s investment in scientific research and innovation in detail, and company’s strategic development direction. Secretary Hu Quan expressed his appreciation for SmartGen’s deep cultivation in subdivided fields. He emphasized that SmartGen should increase its R&D innovation ability and market expansion ability in special period. He encouraged SmartGen to adhere to technological innovation, lean production, down to earth and continuous development, so as to contribute to national economic development.

Innovation, focus, lean-better. Under the care and guidance of government leaders, SmartGen will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of “continuous improvement, teamwork creates value”, work hard in internal combustion power generation, continue to work hard for building a century-old SmartGen, and strive for intelligently made in China.

SmartGen | Warmly celebrate the launch of “SmartGen Cloud Plus”

March 18th, a good day to celebrate, which is another wonderful day for SmartGen in the lively spring.

In order to thank you for your company and support over the years, the “SmartGen Cloud Plus” self-developed by SmartGen is officially launched today after many months of internal testing!

It is mainly applied to the intelligent monitoring of SmartGen series products in remote areas, with the following functions and features:

High concurrent equipment connection, low latency monitoring data, high customized and friendly interface;
User can add, modify or delete equipment information independently;
With subscribe and unsubscribe functions, can realize the monitoring and viewing of other user equipment;
Websocket is used to actively push the data of cloud monitoring module, and the client can display in real time with less network traffic;
Support three clients: mobile Android version, web version, PC version;
Auto push alarm information;
Available languages: Simplified Chinese, English, and Traditional Chinese.

1.“SmartGen Cloud Plus” Web Version:

1) “Homepage” intuitively display the unit numbers, running time, and accumulated power generation

2) Data measuring and display, equipment monitoring

3) History data viewing and download

4) Equipment information (location, status) viewing

5) “My Unit”displays the status of all units (running, at rest, offline, alarm)

6) Alarm push

7) Alarm analysis

8) Unit sharing

2.”SmartGen Cloud Plus” Android Phone Terminal

“SmartGen Cloud Plus” APP: QR code Android phone downloading.

Scan the QR code with your browser to download

1) Monitoring, real-time data, history data

2) Add unit, subscribe equipment

3) Map and language

4) Permission setting

5) Alarm analysis

3.Simulation Unit Experience

Subscribe the unit and experience the “SmartGen Cloud Plus” through the “Subscription” function.
Cloud modem ID: 36323536323751050056001F
Subscription number: 123456

“SmartGen Cloud Plus” is mainly committed to providing intelligent cloud monitoring services to users in the industry. We strive for quick access to the cloud platform, simple operation, and constantly improve the intelligent monitoring level of various equipment. Because this is only the release of version 1.0, there will be some shortcomings at the beginning. Welcome to give us feedback and suggestions. We will continue to update and optimize it, and build a professional cloud service platform that best suits the industry demand. Let’s witness the vigorous development of “SmartGen Cloud Plus” together.
We are grateful to have your company along the way.

SmartGen | Technology Enables Blue Sky—HGM9300CAN DPF Regenerate

Since the introduction of the national Ⅵ emission standard, DPF also came into the sight of everyone at the same time. DPF is an unfamiliar word for most people, but as an important part of national Ⅵ engine, let’s have a brief understanding of it.

The high standard of engine national Ⅵ emission has promoted the wide application of DPF. There are two kinds of emissions that need to be controlled by the national Ⅵ diesel engine: Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM). Among them, NOx is the products of complete combustion, while PM is the product of incomplete combustion, which is generally what we call black smoke.

Currently, there are two main solutions for engine pollutant reduction:
1.Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system reduces NOx;
2.Diesel particulate filter (DPF) reduces PM.


What we are talking today is the second way to reduce particulate matter emissions through DPF. DPF is actually a larger filter element for particulate matter, which collects all the black smoke and other impurities produced by the engine, thus reducing the particulate matter emission.

However, when the particulate matter reaches a certain amount in DPF, it will increase the engine exhaust back pressure, resulting in the engine power decreases. Therefore, the particulate matter in the DPF must be removed in time to maintain the normal operation of DPF, which is called DPF regeneration.

DPF regeneration can be divided into passive regeneration and active regeneration. Passive regeneration is not controlled by others, and most operating conditions of diesel engines can reach the regeneration temperature (250°C-500°C) in DPF, so it can effectively remove particulate matter in DPF. Active regeneration is controlled by the system. The control unit actively raises the DPF temperature for regeneration, and there are certain trigger conditions, for example, soot accumulates to the regeneration value.

In order to meet the changing market requirements, we now add DPF after-treatment control function to HGM9300CAN control module:
1.Can display the level, temperature, injection pressure and dosage of DEF treating fluid;
2.Display the amount of soot and ash in DPF;
3.Control forced active regeneration and inhibit active regeneration;
4.Add data display (exhaust temperature, oxygen sensor data), after-treatment indication and alarm display.


Control Module Display Interface

We can use the DPF regeneration input of HGM9300CAN control module to control DPF regeneration function. If the DPF regeneration function is not required, the DPF active regeneration function can be disabled by the inhibit regeneration input of the control module.

SmartGen 丨 A heart of wonderful won’t be afraid of time!

Grandmother(on father’s side)
Grandmother(on mother’s side)
In every ordinary job
Are doing ordinary work
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Work hard
To make ordinary things extraordinary
Are the most beautiful goddess around you~~

To the goddesses of SmartGen
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May goddesses
There are the stars and sea in your eyes
There is a ray of light in the smile
A heart of wonderful won’t be afraid of time!