Boat Show in Shanghai, cool in whole summer

The 24th China (Shanghai) International Boat and Boat Technology Exhibition & 2019 Shanghai International Boat Show (CIBS 2019) will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from June 20 to 23, 2019. CIBS 2019 is a comprehensive boat show with the longest history in China, the display categories including boats & services as well as boat equipment and accessories.

SmartGen has attended four consecutive terms in CIBS(Shanghai), this year will focus on displaying the marine engine control and PMS power management products, including engine monitor module, diesel engine control boxes, remote monitoring module, engine block heater, battery charger, synchronization and load distribution module, comprehensive protection module, input/output power extension module, cloud monitoring system, etc.


SmartGen’s marine products have passed CCS and BV certification, which are applied in engine control systems such as main push, main engine and emergency; Mainly supporting with Cummins, VOLVO, MTU, Yuchai, Weichai, SDEC and other domestic and foreign leading electronic fuel injection engines.

Highlights of the exhibition scene activities emerge in endlessly, such as the launch of new boat, forums of industry leaders, one-on-one business talks and water activities for all, etc.

Our booth Number is NH-2K23.

Welcome to SmartGen, happy in this summer!



Smartgen and Cummins work together on Marine Engine

2019 Cummins East Asia Marine Engine Tech Training meeting was successfully held on June 5th in Smartgen. This meeting took engine on-site control as the theme and combined with several Marine EFL (Electronic Fuel Injection ) Engine of Cummins, discussing the functions and applications of control models and one-site control boxes in details.

The Marine Engine Products of Smartgen have been fully recognized and accepted by supporting units and shipowners in nearly 5 years of market verification. Especially HMC9000A and HMC4000CAN, with advanced design and powerful features make it conform to the Marine Engine emission of National Standard Ⅱ.

This meeting is supplemented by theory but focused on practical operation. While discussing, it also enabled us to have a better understanding of operating and be skillful during problems handling.



At the beginning , Song Yaojun, Chief of Marketing Center, and Lin Song, Technical Manager of Cummins Shipping and Machinery Department, made welcoming speech to the meeting.


Then guided by Miss Zhang Donglei, attendees visited Smartgen from the office area to the production area and then to the testing area. Yao Guanbao, Director of marketing Department, made a brief introduction to the company’s development and product series.


Engineers Mr. Gao Changsheng, Mr. Xu Jinxing and Mr. Zhou Kunlun from R&D Department introduced the HMC9000A/HMC4000/HEP300 control models and control boxes specifically ; Mr. Xu Zonghong gave a detailed introduction of the battery BAC2408-S01、BACM2420. The engineers from Smartgen interacted with the experts from Commins effectively during the meeting.


Once again, we would like to extend our sincere welcome to all the experts attending this meeting and our heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have been enthusiastic about and strongly support the development of Smartgen.


The BookCrossing Station: Read and Relax

At the end of May, people are intoxicated with the scent of flowers and fruits in the garden of SmartGen, as well as the slight fragrance of books in the office building.

As the saying goes,” Either your body or soul must be on the way “. Nothing can prevent our colleagues to sublimate their souls!

Therefore, the “BookCrossing Station” of SmartGen is launched!

The BookCrossing Station is located on the first floor of the office building. Come here to keep away from the noise and find peace of mind after the busy work. Hope we can constantly improve and grow in reading. Let’s live a healthy life and work happily together.

Attention! The first batch of books are ready. Please see the photos!


Action speaks louder than words. Come and borrow books at the BookCrossing Station!

PS: Bookmarks are at the top of the bookshelf, please help yourselves.

We are looking forward to meeting you and growing together. And welcome to bringing the idle books and sharing them.

The process of giving, borrowing and returning books
Scan the following QR code,
place the book neatly or take it away.


Notice for Suspending Operations

Dear Customers:
Thanks for your long-term support and trust. In order to better adapt to the market and technological development and provide you with better products, the following models will be completely discontinued from May 31, 2019.


We would like to express our sincere apologies to you for the inconvenience caused by the suspending operations.


Be modest and always learn from others—-Genset Control Application Technique Seminar

On May 23rd and May 24th , some senior practice experts from the front-line in industry gathered in Smartgen, Zhengzhou, held a genset control application technique exchange meeting. This meeting aimed at sharing some common problems in daily work in the way of communication and interaction, and then extending to the genset system, ATS system, construction machinery system and other aspects of technical exchange.


At the beginning, our President Yang Xinzheng delivered a welcome speech, indicating that Smartgen will hold the attitude of “although knowing the virile dignitary, still can adhere to the female gentle state of mind”, which means the sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold. Smartgen is committed to combine “good products” and “good resources” into the productivity, therefore, this technique seminar will be an exchange of wisdom.


Guiding by Ms. Zhang Donglei, the experts of this meeting paid a detailed visit of the company. Our Marketing Director Mr. Yao Guanbao also gave a further introduction of Smartgen’s development, products and etc., which make them have a visual and clear understanding of Smartgen.


Technical engineer Mr. Zhou Zhitian organized and hosted the important interactive session of this seminar, inviting experts to analyze common failures during operation, as well as suggestions for product improvement and application appeals.The R&D and sales staff of Smartgen listened to the voice of end-users, collected their valuable experience in practice, and discussed the direction of future product performance improvement together with front-line experts. All the experts expressed their opinions, and the atmosphere of the discussion was pushed to the climax again and again. Mr.Wang qianqian, Director of the third R&D Department, made a brief introduction and suggestion collection of HGM7200N/9530N products; the The Sales Manager Representative Mr. Wangman shared the integrated plan of 44 gas -powered generator, which are supported by the second generation of Smartgen HGM9510/9580.


After the meeting, we enjoyed the natural and cultural atmosphere of Shaolin Temple, and appreciated the culture of it.


As the old saying goes, “many hands make light work.” We believe that through this technique seminar, we will be able to make further improvement in the application of technique, and make Smartgen product performance more perfect as well. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the experts who had attended once again.


German Technical Big Shot of WOODWARD in China

The German experts from WOODWARD came across Eurasia to China in May, visited 8 cities in 10 days and had 8 face-to-face technical exchanges with industry technical experts.


WOODWARD products cover single unit, parallel unit, grid-connected, redundant control, integrated relay protection, gas control, etc., which can provide users with system solutions! As a strategic partner of WOODWARD, Smartgen can provide sales and technical support of related products of WOODWARD in China.


Our domestic users may better understand the WOODWARD line of products, application fields, core advantages through these technical exchanges; meanwhile, WOODWARD experts also listened to the high-end applications and demands of domestic genset industry, which may provide a potent gist for the subsequent products upgrading and development. Through these dialogues and in-depth discussions, Sino-German continued to collide with new technological inspiration.

Thanks for the German and Chinese sides of the technical big shot’s passion collision;
Thanks for the WOODWARD experts’ coming so far!
Thanks for your contribution to the improvements of technical level of the genset control!